So something happened this past weekend. Nothing to major.....just the best convention EVER!

Yes, that did require caps and I won't apologia.

It was the best experience that I have had in a long time. There was something different in the air this year that just made everyone happier. Maybe it was just me coming out of my shell more. But I like to think that we all sensed something and it just made our awesome culture more fun and inviting.

Day one started off as my sister and I dressed and Phineas and Ferb. You all know I was super happy that she was willing to dress up with me. I think she enjoyed it. We already started to plan what we are going to be next year. 

This year we were able to go to the Disney Photoshoot. Most years the time slot lands when there is a panel that we want to see. It was so nice to meet up with all of the other Disney Cosplayers. 

This has to be one of my favorite photos from the shoot. All photos taken by the lovely people at Cosplay Crew

After the shoot, my sister wanted out of her wig. I don't blame her at all. I'm surprised mine stayed nice after a day of running around. I went back to the hotel and changed into my Anastasia Costume. We then hit the dealer's room for some swag. Oh the pretty shinny things! I was good and kept my spending to a minimum.....ish.

Then we made our own plushies! It was a ton of fun! Of course my sister's turned out to be the best ever! Mine was just a peg-legged pirate. It was here that we meet this awesome couple who had the same weirdness like us. She made the best back story for her guy name Phil ( a superhero butler looking for his love...which happened to be my sister's demon).

And with that we called it a day and went to sleep. Or attempted some sort of sleep. Apparently there was a party on our floor that we were not invited too. :(

More of my tip to the convention in my next post!

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