With the convention only a week away I decided to do a couple of wig tests. Recently I just purchased two wigs from Adra wigs. That these two were the first real wigs I've ever purchased in my life. I've always bought the cheap Halloween wigs for costumes. It's nice to have great quality wigs for my cosplays. I feel like it's brought up my cosplaying a notch.

Love the bright red in this wig. It was so lonng too! I felt like I had mermaid hair. 

My ferb wig! I love this wig so much. It's so much thicker than my normal hair  

With these wigs comes styling. I'm still very new with this part. I've been studying tons of wig tutorials to get any tips. We shall see how everything goes next week. 

One week left. Whoooo! 

You can't tell that I'm excited. 

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