You know when you're watching a TV show and you fall in love with characters outfit. So you spend the next couple of days trying to find that outfit. After hours and hours searching for this outfit you come to the conclusion that does not exist and costumers made them selves.

This happened to me recently when I was watching pretty little liars with the flashback episode. I fell love with Spencer's 1940s dress she wore. I looked high and low for any sort of pattern to create this outfit. But all I was able to find us a photo of this pattern

This meant I had to create my very own pattern. I have never been strong and drafting patterns but I wanted to challenge myself to create this look. 

The first step I did was to take a pattern of the shirt that I knew I can alter easily from there draped fabric on my dress form to make the silhouette that I wanted. A few nips and hems later (as well as a few hair pulling) I had a finished product. 

When I remake this dress robe, I plan on making a few alterations to the patterns. I'd probably make the top of the sleeves less poofy and the bottom more poofy. I'm not in love with the waist, so I would probably revisit that. 

It has been a great learning experience for me. And with all new things, it takes practice and patience to master. I look forward to remaking this. 

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