So lately I've been in a kind of funk. Those times when you really want to do something creative but can't seem to get the idea from your head to your fingers. That has been me since the last convention in November. But I am not going to stop trying to create. As an artist, I need that outlet or else I will go insane. I'm sure you all know about this. 

What I have been working on lately is just a Robson cosplay that I may wear for CTCON this year. I say may because there are so may costumes that I would love to make, and not enough days to wear it. If you are a streaming geek and love D&D (dungeons and dragons), then you know about this awesome stream called Critical Role on Geek and Sundrys twitch channel. It's basically a bunch of awesome voice actors playing D&D. I love it and love the characters these people created. So I decided to try my had at making on of them. 

Her name is Keyleth, and she is the Druid in the group. She has awesome polymorph and elemental abilities. Here is what she looks like: 

Art by Kit Bus (@AnemoneTea )

I would love to do the whole crew one day. But I thought I would start small. Seeing as how I have never made armor before. I shall keep you all posted on the success of failure of my armor making attempts. 

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