About two weeks ago I was invited to a Villans themed birthday party. I was super excited for this because being a villain for a couple of hours is super fun. So I started to think of who I wanted to be. I could always fall back on a couple of costumes that I have in my closet. I had Yzma and a pirate costume, but nothing really spoke to me. I've always wanted to be Hades from Hercules. 

So being the crazy person I am, I decided to make Hades in three days. Yes, that is right. Three days. Not even days, but three nights due to my normal everyday job. But I did it. Wig and all. 

It all started with what I have in my closet. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on a costume I knew I was only going to wear for a couple of hours. Thankfully I had a black maxi dress in my closet as well as a pair of strap be sandals. Step one complete. 

Next I went to Amazon and found  A dark blue and light blue wig for $10 each.  decided to take some wig fibers from the light blue wig and so them into the dark blue wig to create the flaming effect. After three hours of trying to style the wig, I gave up trying to make it stand up like in this photo. I decided on doing a simple French twist with some hair flowing down. 

Next I took an old leather skirt that didn't fit anymore and reinvented it to a toga. It was already cut into a circle skirt and flowed nicely. The only thing I had to do to it was add a little tuck to the front to get the folds right. 

Since I wanted to wear my black maxi dress again after the party, I had to come up with a easy solution to make Hades sleeves. What I did was take old black ribbon and some old blue fabric and cut into triangles. I glued the triangles to the ribbon and the safety pin the ribbon to my dress. This was super fast and easy which is great since I was running out of time to work on the dress. 

Last thing to complete my look was to make myself blue. In the past I have tried to put myself purple and various other colors with different body paint it will on the market. This time around I want to go cheap and easy so what I did was fine bright blue eyeshadow that came in a rich pigment. Then all I did was repeat myself in a blue eyeshadow. I used black to create some contours on my face. Next time I think I would buy two shades of blue to give myself more depth. But by using this method I was able to create a great effect on my skin that lasted thought the party. And it only cost me 5$ for the eye shadow. 

Sadly I was running late and was not able to take full body pictures of myself. So enjoy these photos of me and my friends at the party. I hope to take a full photo shoot with Hades and work on it to make this a full cosplay for me . I hope to face my fear and get yellow contacts for this costume. Maybe next time. :)

Total cost of the costume:
Dress: in closet
Shoes: in closet 
Eyeshadow/body paint :$5
Costume detail: supplies on hand, but roughly cost $10
Total: $35

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