Who knew that there would be so many conventions in Connecticut and surrounding areas. Earlier this year I found out that a convention was being held locally and a nearby casino. Naturally I would wanted to go. As time draws closer to the convention I found out I can only go one day. This was a sad time for me. The one day that would be good enough for me. 

It is a smaller convention compared to Connecticon, but it had bigger stars in attendance. The atmosphere is a bit different as well. At Connecticon there would be more cosplayers than regular people in street clothes. At this convention there were more people in street clothes then cosplay. When I first walked into the casino I was only one dressed up. I thought to myself,"where were the other cosplayers?" Thankfully I met more people in line who dressed up as well.

Another thing that was different compared to all the conventions was the time. Mostly vegan start early in the morning at 10 this convention started at 2 PM and lasted until 8pm. There were also stricter rules about face make up and perhaps due to it being tribal land. Thankfully I didn't bring my umbrella  for my Jane Porter  costume or else I would have gone through major weapons check.  

This convention held a ton more comic book vendors which serves it right being in a comic book convention. I was also very impressed with a lot of the local comic book shops in the vendor room. One vendor, Sarge's comic book shop, held tabletop gaming demonstrations all day. I enjoyed getting to play Coup with my sister. 


They also had a ton of photo opportunities stations. There was two Indiana Jones seen set up as well as to backgrounds with the convention logos. I wish more conventions that we went to did  this. Sadly I did not get a chance to take these photos. I was too busy having fun. Oop! 

One of my favorite moments were getting to hang out with an old friend of mine. She dressed up as the Kimmy Schmit from the netflix show. Another great moment was getting photobombed by a balloon minion. 

Well I wish I had more time to explore this new convention. I heard Saturday was a blast with a ton more cosplayers. I did have a great time. I hope the convention stays local for next year. 

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