What is DisneyBound and why is everyone talking about it? Trust me you are not the only one that is thinking that. For those of you who are yelling at me saying that it has been around for a while now, you should really know this, I know. I've just been too sucked into my world that I didn't know what this term is.

DisneyBound is way to dress up as your favorite characters using items from your closet or local mall. It is a brilliant way to cosplay on a more comfortable level when you are at a theme park or the last day of convention. It was started by Leslie Kay on her tumblr blog  when she took iconic Disney characters and made affable version of these characters. It is now my favorite thing to look for on pinterest.

Now that you know what it is, here are some of my favorite Disneybound versions:

Isn't it the best idea ever? It makes me want to get out of my "everything I own is black" comfort zone when I am shopping. It also allows me to and Geek to my outfits in a little way.

Want to know more about Disneybound? Visit their tumblr page here.

What are your favorite disneybound outfits? I would love to see them! Post them in the comments below!

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