If you haven't already, I'm sure it will happen to you sooner or later. But at one point we all get a stain or blood on your beautiful costume that you spent hours and hours on. This happened to me while I was pinning my Jane Porter costume on me. My heart did stop for a moment there as I ran through the worst case senario in my head.

It was after me thinking that I had to remake my blouse that I even considered to try and remove the blood from the blouse. Thankfully I did and the piece was saved. 

If this has happened to you recently and the stain is somewhat new, follow my trick to getting that pesky stain out. 

The first thing I did was grab my old friend distilled vinegar. I poured a teaspoon of it on the stain and rubbed it in. Leave it alone for about 10 minuets and let the vinegar do its work. 

According to the Internet, you should see the stain go away. Mine did not. So I brought out my good friend Oxiclean. I added that to the stain (on top of the vinegar) and left it alone for another ten minuets. 

Once the time was up, I took a damp wash cloth and scrubbed the stain out. And I mean scrub. Every once and a while I added more Oxiclean to the tough part of the stain to help it out. Then like magic the stain was gone. 

Poof! Gone!

What are your methods to get those stains out? I would love to know your methods. 

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