The best thing about being a cosplayer is the sense of community and family that you get from people that you barley know. As someone who is naturally shy, it is nice to have that feeling among a huge group of people.  It is amazing to walk up to a fellow Whovian and just start talking like you were old friends who were separated for a while. If you haven't had this feeling, then you are missing out on something big.

Since I am relatively new to the Cosplay world, I am always looking for new friends to talk sewing and fandom woes. Here are a few of the people that I am following (aka stalking) on facebook.

Dancing Fool Cosplay and Blue Sky's Cosplay

I met these lovely ladies as I passed by the photo booth at Connecticon. They literally pulled me into the room to get some photos taken because I was way too shy to go in. They were both very welcoming and fun to talk to about wigs. I now enjoy seeing their other cosplays as they head to all of the other conventions that I can't go to yet. 

Miss Kit Quinn

I first found her on pinterest with this amazing gender-bent Superman and has been my favorite cosplayer to follow on facebook ever since. I love how she does mini tutorials as she makes her cosplays. 

Do you have anyone that you love to follow? I would love to see their work too!

Oh and by the way....

Friday the 13th everyone!

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