With all these snow days here in CT, I was able to get a huge chunk of work done on my Jane Poter costume. Makes me wish I can quit my day job and just spend time in my studio.  A girl can dream. :)

And here it is. I'm so excited for this costume. This has been a great learning piece for me. With Anastasia it was the bare minimum with no lining or interfacing, all of my edges were unfinished ( I know all of you pro out there just shuddered). It was just a basic,yet huge, dress. With this costume I learned how to draft my own pattern, line the dress, and all of my edges are finished (yay). Not to mention I made my first bustle pillow. 

Now this bib thing was the bane of my existence for a week and a half. I drafted six different patterns to get one that would work right with the costume. At one point I thought I should make a paper mâché version of it. Boy that was one messy mistake. But practice does make a difference and the sixth version ended up being the perfect one. 

I had many ideas on how to make the bib close. I finally went with one that was more Victorian to go along with the costume. As you can see, I went with the classic buttons. 

All that is left for me to do are all of Jane's accessories. More on that later. ;)

See you on the other side of the snow!

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