Hello all it's your commander reporting to you live from snowy north. It's been very snowy past two weeks. I haven't been able to get into work but I've been able to get to my studio. 

 For me the skirt was going to be the most difficult part. But I was able to get it done fairly quick and without major issues. I have to figure out now how to make the bustle poofy because I am wearing a skirt underneath instead of a busses. 

In actuality the most difficult part for me was the top mainly because of not finding a patent that would suit the character. Every pattern that I found it was way more frilly and extravagant then I need. So glad I ended up doing with making my own pattern.  I just took the old shirt fit well and transferred it to paper adding in the leg of mutton sleeves ( tutorial later on that) and lines to make it more Victorian. 

After a few trial and error's (a lot of errors) eventually got a shirt that fit really well and match exactly what I was looking for. 

Next thing to do on Jane porter costume were the millions and millions of circles that are on the bottom trim the cost. I was just going to make of trim that was already scalloped, but when added to the costume it didn't have the right look. What I ended up doing was making 32 circles and adding them by hand to the bottom of hem. I'm glad I went through the effort of making 35 circles because it made it look more sharp then the other trim.

That's all for now folks to an in next time to see how I'm making my purse/book for the costume. 

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