Welcome to 2015! Hope your new year is treating you well! Mine is going better now that everyone in my household is now over being sick. There was a point where all of us were down for the count starting at Christmas. Lots of orange juice was consumed to battle the virus. 

Now that I am all healthy, I started working on my Jane costume for Connecticon 2015. I will have to say that it is very nice to get back in my sewing room. 

I couldn't find any blouse pattern for the top of the costume. I truly searched and searched but could not find one. So it came down to me having to draft my first pattern. Yieks!  But it was a good learning tool for me. I was able to see how certain lines tailor the top beautifully.  Before, I never really paid attention to what I was constructing. Now I will be more aware of how patterns work. 

The first image was my draft/scratch top that I made using an old t-shirt that I loved as a pattern. For the sleeve I had to do some research on to see how to create that poof in the arm. The sleeve choice that I decided on was called a "leg of mutton". I'm not joking. That is really what the sleeve is called. Thankfully there was a tutorial out there that showed me how to create this look. And presto! The leg of mutton sleeve is done. 

Ta-da! The main part of the blouse is complete. I still have some minor tweaks to do to the lines for the chest.  All in all, I feel this is my favorite piece of clothing that I have made. I made everything from scratch including the pattern. It was a big step for me in my journey in costuming. 

Hope you are enjoying your year so far!

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