I knew this was going to be an interesting challenge for me to make when I started to make my Yzma costume. Why you ask? Well, because I don't have my ears pierced and didn't really want to just for the sake of the costume.

There are of course many different options for me to go about using earrings without having them pierced. The most popular option will be the classic "clip ons". I have had to use these in the past for some of my shows and I loathed them. The next option would be magnets. I had a pair of magnetic earrings and they worked out pretty well. The problem with this option for me was that it was going to break my budget of $50 for this costume.

So what is a girl of my little means to do? MAcGyver it!

The weapons of choice: White fabric, acrylic paint (blue, white, and black), modge podge, and..... spirit glue(not pictured).

Like most theater actors I had some lying around in my makeup kit begging to be used. And why not? That stuff can hold up the Empire State building if you had enough.

My process was simple. Cut out circles in three different sizes from the white fabric. Attach them together using needle and thread. Then to create the 3D effect, I just used layers of paint in different shades going from dark to light. To make the fabric stiff enough to stay straight I used mod podge on the back. Then presto! Awesome non-hurting-clip- earrings are made!

 The best part is I didn't spend any money on this because I had all of the items that I needed. I am all for not spending money if I don't have to.

Side note. Convention is less than two weeks away! *cue Pointer Sisters song* I'm so excited!

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