Remember this lovable guy from my last post? Today I am going to show you how to make your own Kronk plushie to take out all your anger on.

Here is what you will need:
•1 yard of plain white fabric
•Pattern( attached)
•Fabric paint in :Red, Yellow, Yellow Orange, Navy, Light Blue,Purple, White, and Black
•Charcoal (or chalk)
•Needle and Thread

Sewing Machine, Thread, Scissors, fabric chalk or marker, pins, paint brushes

Step 1: Cutting out your fabric

Print and cut out along the dotted lines of the Kronk Pattern. Tape together the pieces together to make the full pattern. Once you have done that, fold your white fabric in half so that you will cut two pieces out at the same time. Pin the FRONT pattern to the fabric with your pins. Then cut the fabric using the pattern edge as a guide. You should have two pieces of fabric.

Step 2: Sewing the Pieces

Remove the pattern from the fabric. Re-pin the pieces together along the edges. Using your sewing machine (or you can hand stitch this) sew along the edge about a half an inch (.5) from the edge starting from the corner of the foot. Make sure you leave the bottom of the pillow open so that you can stuff it.

Turn the pillow right side out to have nice seams. If you are feeling fancy, iron the pillow flat.

Step 3: Transferring the image on to the pillow

Using the FRONT Kronk pattern, trace the black lines in charcoal or chalk. Lie your pattern flat on the table and place the pattern charcoal side down on the fabric. Gently rub across the pattern with your finger to transfer the charcoal. Remove the pattern to see if the transfer came through enough.  If lines are faint, trace in the lines by hand on the pillow.

Repeat process for the back of the pillow using Kronk BACK pattern.

Usinging the color guide on the FRONT pattern, color in the blocks that match the number of the color. Do one color at a time to allow for drying.

Repeat process for the BACK of Kronk.

Step 4:Painting Kronk

Once your paint has dried, it is time to stuff your pillow. Start by stuffing in the top of the head and work your way down. Make sure to get the corners of his shoulders and hands.
Stuff as much or as little you want. I stuffed mine a lot since mine is going to be used as a prop more than a pillow.

Step 5:Stuffing your pillow

It’s time to close up your pillow. Take the raw edges at the bottom and roll them in. Place them together with a sewing pin so that you have a nice hem. Using your needle and thread, do a simple stitch to sew your pillow close.

Step 6: Sewing close your pillow

Now that the pillow is stuffed and close, it is time to go back and touch up your paint.  Most of my touch ups was on the sides where the seams were. I also took this time to go back and add in the black lines and other details of Kronk’s face.

Step 7: The final paint touch-up

There you have it! Your very own Kronk Pillow! I can't wait to use mine in a costume. Post your photos of your Kronk pillows on the blog! I would love to see how yours turned out.

I can't wait to see your versions of the project. Post your photos in the comments below so I can see!

Download the files free from MediaFire:

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