Good news! I am almost done with my Yzma costume for the Convention. Body paint has been bought and tested, feathers have been glued to the necklace, and paint has been applied to the hat. Last thing on my list was to make Yzma's signature lashes. As seen here:
Pretty epic is it not? So how was I to go about getting these?

My first thought was to buy the lashes through my favorite site Etsy. There is litterally everything that you can ever need on that site that I made by the average joe. So I did find some that I thought matched perfectly. 
Find them here
My problem was that I wanted my Yzma costume to be under $40 and buying these would have made me go over my budget. My solution? Make my own. 

I found these fabulous lashes at my local H&M on sale for $3! I was super happy about this. Normally they were $6, so it wasn't too bad. I am sure your local Walmart or Target will carry great lashes for cheap. Then I found these great feathers at my local craft store for $3 as well. As you can see, they were apart of a bundle with other colors. So I just took them apart and used the black ones.

Next step was to glue the feathers to the lashes. My glue of choice is E-6000. 

*Que the heavenly music* I love this stuff! I use it on everything that you can think of. One of the reasons that I like it is because the glue is flexible and long lasting. Its great on fabrics to glass. My local craft store carries this. Its about 8$ but I had a great coupon that brought this down to $3. It was well worth it because I have had this for 3 years and still have most of it left.

Using a sewing pin, I just took a dab of the glue and pressed it along the lash corner. I only went to the center of the lash because I didn't want the weight of the feather all on my eye. The next part it pretty simple, I just took the feather and pressed it against the glue.  Hold it there with the pin (or your finger) for a minute or so. Let the glue set overnight before you attempt to try on your lashes. I know for me it was a long wait. I so wanted to try these on right away.

And here is how they look after you let them dry overnight. The real magic happens when you put them on.

 They turned out exactly how I wanted them too! The best part is that I only spent $6 (excluding the glue) on these and I stayed in my budget for my costume. I can't wait to see these with the rest of the costume.

Oh and don't forget to buy lash adhesive for these. My lashes came with glue so I don't have to worry about it. Walmart sells this glue for about $2, so don't sweat the price!

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