It's closing in! Connecticon is just a little over a month away! I am not excited at all (actually I am, but I don't know if sarcasm can be read over the internet). 

It is time for me to start adding in all of the little pieces of my costume. I am sure that I will be doing this for quite a while. The first thing that I did was add the detial to the circles on the dress. In the reference photos it doesn't show a pattern. But I felt like the dress needed a little sprucing up. I googled photos of Russian decals and came up with this.
There were 13 of these I had to do. Whew! 

Next up was adding in the blue sash and jewel. It was a simple add to the costume, but it heighten the look of the costume.

Most of the dress is now done. It is just fine tuning the costume to make it fit like a glove. Now I just have to figure out how to sit in this dress. Hmmmm....

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