With only a month and some change left until my next convention, I need to get my costume making into high gear. Last week I finished my sister's Phineas' shirt. It was sitting on my dressform for a while for me to attach the collar, and I just got around to finishing it. I am very happy with how it came out since I used acrylic paint to dye the shirt.
 There are a few flaws in the back where the dye got on the white. Thankfully the hair will cover the flaws.

Next on my plate it to test out a pattern for my Ferb Pants. I am using a pattern that I bought from Wearing History (find the pattern here). It has the high waist that I need to have for Ferb. I would just need to tighten the bottom of the pants to make them highwaters. I have wanted to make these pants anyway for everyday wear. I love the 40's look and I have been trying to bring that element into my wardrobe. 

Now if you need me, I will be putting together and cutting this massive pattern. It is a whopping 32 pages.

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