If you're not geeky  and don't follow the usual geeky outlets then you probably didn't know that yesterday was international tabletop day. It is the day were all of us together in play board games. It is a great way to demo new games and meet new people. 

My sister and I went to our local bookshop and played a couple of new games for the first time. Our favorite was by far the Batman: Love letter. The game is basically a blessing game to figure out which card character is holding. It is a great simple five minute game that fits in the pouch. I can't wait to play this while I am waiting in line this coming summer. The next game that we played was called a geek out. It is a trivia game that is based on geeky things such as sci-fi shows franchises and books. You think you know a lot of going to the game but while you're playing you forget every little bit of trivia that you may have gained over the years. This was the case with me and I couldn't name films based in Chicago.   Thankfully I had a great team to help me. 

If you missed tabletop day, don't worry. There are plenty of people around that would love to get together and play a game. If you are in southeast Connecticut, send me and email and I will get you together with my group. 

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