"How do you carry your bag?"

Its that time of year folks. The great cons are upon us and not many will make it out unscathed. I, for one, have been that sad person in the corner in the convention that has been hit with many troubles. Some crying may have been involved. Plenty of ripped Seams, sore feet, dehydration, and much more has happened to me over the course of my visits.  There were somethings that I wish I knew a long time ago. Lots of simple rules and etiquette that most people seemed to just "know".

One thing  I wish I knew then was, "How do I carry my bag of stuff while wearing my costume?" Simple right? But it really baffled me.

The first choice is to try to incorporate your bag it into your costume by making it into a prop. If your character has a animal friend or sidekick, make a plushie backpack of them. Characters with belts can easily have a utility pouch that will carry your essentials. Costumes with pockets are a godsend. I have been known to have my whole purse stuffed into my pockets.

With some characters, you can easily make a bag that matches your outfit. They can be simple bags that you can just be thrown aside for photos.

Here are some of my favorite photos of people and their bags.

Photo Source: EPBOT

I love the gold bag that she made to go along with her costume. It blends right in with the rest of her costume.

Photo Source:Unknown (if anyone knows, please PM me)
What's in the box you ask? Oh just a few of my things, and Snow White's heart.
Photo Source: Kinies- Etsy Shop
And if your costume is Victorian, why don't you make your bustle into a fanny pack? Brilliant idea I know!

The other idea requires a very good friend. If there is no way to add a backpack into your costume (like my Anastasia cosplay) ask your friend to carry your things for you. You may need to bribe them with candy to cooperate with you.

When all else fails, just bring a regular backpack. There are no rules saying that your bag HAS to match your costume. Just put the backpack by the photographer's feet when someone is taking your photo and no one will have proof that you carried around your normal bag.

I hope this helps all you new cosplayers. If there is anything I missed, just let me know in the comments!

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