Mary Poppins

I am sure many of you have seen a version of this cosplay all over Pinterest. Why not? Its from an amazing childhood movie and it looks awesome. Not to mention that I love to bring out the English accent whenever I can. So I bring you my Mary Poppins cosplay for under $50.

White Long sleeve shirt: $0

But you can find one at a thrift store for $7. Preferably get one that buttons all the way up to your neck. In my case, I had to pin mine to make it look like this.

Black skirt: $0 

I had this skirt hiding in my closet, but you can find one similar here for $13 

Black tights: $0

I always have black tights on hand, but head to your local clothing store for some $10 tights if you don't own a pair.

Black heels/boots: $0

I had the perfect pair of heeled boots that fit for the costume. Any black shoes will work for this costume.

Red belt: $1

I just visited my local craft store for basic red ribbon. They luckily had one for a buck that was the width I need.

Hat: $6

I made my hat for under $6 (not including glue and things like that). Visit this post to see how I made the hat.


Believe it or not, this was the most expensive part of my costume. I am sure you can find a red bowtie out there ( Thanks to Doctor Who for making them popular). But if you can't, follow our bowtie tutorial to make your own. 

Total:  $20
Without everything I already own:$46

Not bad huh? I was able to pull this together for a last minute costume event that I had that night. Now who wants to go watch Mary Poppins with me?

xo Amanda

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