With four days off this week (shocking, I know!) I decided to get to work on my new costume for the Renasissance faire. I am glad that I waited because it was a huge challenge just to cut out the pattern and fabric.

I first had to plan out what fabric had to go with what parts of the jackets. Here is my swatch paper. 

Pinning this bad boy to the fabric was next on my list. I felt like I want pinning forever. Not only did I have the regular fabric, but I had lining for the jacket too. 

Excuse the horrible hair and clothes. I wanted to see how the collar would look. It is pretty epic is it not?

I didn't think that the puffy sleeves would be so hard to make. In fact, I thought they would be the easiest. Turns out I was completely wrong. The lower puffy sleeve has four layers then the ribbon detail. It was well worth the effort because it turned out so puffy!

As you can see, I have a new friend in the sewing room. My new dress form! I am so happy that I found her at a good price. Definitely makes things easier to fit when I am not doing it on me. Now I just need to think of a cool name for her.

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