Saturday 7/13- Saturdays are always the most fun because that is when the big events happen and there are a ton more people that show up. We wanted to start our day early and get as much in as we could. Allie wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons Next  so I took to the tables and had the next two hours to myself. I wanted to see some panels but by the time I got up to them they were full and I couldn't fit into the chairs because of my hoopskirt being so huge! So I spent the rest of the time wondering around the convention looking at all of the costumes.

Eventually I made my way to the photobooth that the convention holds. Well, I was walking by and I got kidnapped by the people who work it. They really wanted to take my photo. I am glad that they did kidnap me because I didn't know that the convention had this going on.  The photo booth is an actual photo shoot with lights, backdrops, and other fancy photography things that I have no clue about. And to top it off, it was free! How cool was that?

While I was in there, a girl was cosplaying as Tatianna from the Frog Prince. The photographer asked if she and I wanted to do a shoot together and we both agreed. It was so much fun! She also had a frog prop and we acted like I was stealing him away from here. I can't wait to see the photos from this.

After the shoot, it was time for my favorite connecticon event, Deathmatch! I seriously look forward to this event all year. In this event, cosplayer are paired up in matches. The audience then scream and clap for their favorite to move on to the next round. Then then "battle" and the loser is "killed". I know I don't explain it well. But if you are bored one day and want to kill an hour or two, check out death match here.

I've been two five Deathmatches and this year was my second favorite(first being the year Jack Sparrow won. That guy was brilliant). I am so glad that Bill Nye the Science Guy won! I was having childhood flashbacks. My sister didn't know who he was and why I was geeking out so much.

Later that night, my sister and I headed out to Riverfest in Hartford for some good ol' fashion food truck yumminess. I have to say, we got what we asked for. It was well worth the hoards of people to get the food. Allie got cheese steak and I got pull pork tacos. I will be dreaming of this food for a while. And the best part of Riverfest happening at the same time as Connecticon? The fireworks! Being apart of the convention meant that we had our own balcony to view the fireworks. Allie and I enjoyed them!

Sunday- 7-14.

Today was the day that I was going to go as Yzma. I woke up super early to put on my purple makeup. I tried so hard to put it on but it just got all splotchy. So I made the tough decision and forgoed the purple makeup. I was so heartbroken. I still had fun wearing the rest of the costume and people still knew who I was. 

Sunday is usually when my sister and I buy everything that we have been staring at all weekend. We made the usual rounds at the dealer's rooms and snagged some goodies. Allie got an awesome handmade leather journal, a knight's hat, and some other random goodies. I manage to snag some cool artwork, some Japanese soda, a Whovian car magnet, and a really awesome skirt that I can wear to work. 

By this point in the day Allie and I were pooped. We said our final good-bye's to the convention and went home. It was the best weekend that I could hope for. I did learn a lot more about how to survive the convention weekend. Next year I hope to make more friends and visit more panels. 

Is it next year yet? I may already be working on my next costume. ;)

Here are some more photos from Saturday!



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