Folks, I am suffering from a major condition. Post Con-Depression. It happens once a year and I takes just as long to get over that. What is Post Con Depression ( or PCD), its a terrible medical condition for those attending an anime conventionIt is usually caused by attendees when they've had more fun during the weekend than they usually have. 

The only way I figure to help with this is to re-live my con weekend with all of you. Here is my diary  journal (if you get that reference, points to you!) of the best weekend I have had in a long time.

Friday- 11 of July 2014

I woke up super early to get ready to pick up my sister. I felt like I was making good time since I started to pack a week in advance. I am honestly surprised that everything fit in my car! The picture above is just half of what I packed into my little Honda. On my way to my sister's house, my car starts to have issues. Great! Just what I need, car problems on my vacation. By the grace of God I was able to limp my car to my sisters house. With the help of my great parents, I borrowed their car and was on my way to Hartford. 

Now I kinda knew how to get to the convention center, but I wasn't 100% sure on the exit. So I thought I could use my phone GPS to get me there. He had a mind of his own and kept telling me to get off and make a U-turn. Allie and I kept yelling at him. Eventually we made it to the convention center without his help. Next issue of the day happened when we were not allowed to go into the convention garage. Why? I still don't know to this day. So we had to park across the street at the Science Center parking garage. Boy, I can tell you how many strange looks I got in my costume. 

After waiting through the line to get our passes, Allie and I ventured into the convention of awesomeness. There were so many workshops and panels that we saw. The best panel that we like was That Guy With the Glasses about Movies That We All Hate.  Allie's favorite part was learning a new game called Red Dragon Inn.  I liked walking around and seeing everyones awesome costumes. 

Eventually sleepiness got the best of me. We made our way to our top floor room and fell asleep to How To Train Your Dragon. 


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