Hi my name is Amanda, and I am a Renaissance geek.

*join in in saying hello*

Yes, this is a true statement. It started off all innocent. Just going to one faire in normal street clothes and enjoying others grand costumes. Thinking how cool it was that these people walk around with swords and thigh high leather boots. Now I am the person going wearing the decked out costumes and the awesome thigh high boots( what, they are awesome!).

Here in Connecticut we have not one, but three renaissance faires. It's crazy, I know! One is in the spring once the snow melts( Robin Hood themed), the second is in the summer(a pirate theme), and the last is during the fall(King Arthur).  Now I haven't been to the summer one because it's only for one weekend and that is the one weekend that I work. But I have been to the other two and have had a blast.

This last time around is when I finally got deep into it. I made my first costume that was based on the
"Lord of the Rings" dresses.  I loved how it came out. Now I wish I could take credit for the pattern, but I just bought a simple one to follow.

Now I don't have a picture of just me. The only one that I could find was taken with the ladies of Vixens En Garde.

And here is the close up of the crown that I made. My original crown looked more princess-y than rennaissance.So I made this one in two hours. It was made out of glitter, hot glue, and wire. 

Oh want more photos from the faire? No problem! And the lovely girl you see in the photos is my little sister.

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